The Art of Chillin’

What does it mean to "chill"? There are many meanings behind the surface level vocabulary word. However, according to Urban Dictionary "chill" can be defined as: 1) to stop from doing something. Example: "Bruh, chill it's not that deep put the scissor down". 2) to hang out. Example: "Girl stop playing and come over to... Continue Reading →


You have to listen in order to understand. First we have: By @_SmoothSounds 1. 0:00 6-6-6 - Last thing you see w/Inteus 2. 3:06 Tupac - Pain (LARRY LUXX Remix) 3. 5:32 SOUDIERE - REEFA 4. 8:00 Eddie Green - Cake (Prod. Stew Stim) 5. 10:50 bsd.u - crush on u 6. 13:22 Playboi Carti - Talk (ICYTWAT Remix) 7. 15:51 elijah who - sad and boujee 8. 19:35 MYTHIC -... Continue Reading →


Happy Monday! It took me forever to chose a song this week. I originally selected a song from the "Fresh Hits" playlist on Spotify. However, unlike myself I did not save. Nonetheless, that gives me the opportunity to introduce a single I've been bumping all weekend. The name of this thug love hit is "Real... Continue Reading →


Good Monday! I hope your day has been swell on this gloomy day. Does the weather ever determine your mood? Asking for a friend. This Monday I will be highlighting Big K.R.I.T! The thirty year old Mississippi born artist is slowly becoming a Veteran in the game. Starting in 2010, Big K.R.I.T gained momentum by co-headlining... Continue Reading →


Good Evening Beautiful People.   I hope all was well in your world on this long Monday. I, myself, cannot complain too much since Spring Break is officially in session. I have been catching up on some well missed Z's as well as personal projects. I hope to accomplish peace and relaxation during this break... Continue Reading →

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