Death to The: FuckBoi

It's 2017.....are we not tired of these "fuckboi" characters yet? I am. I haven't been on the scene in quite some time, but the rapid increase of "fuckbois" is alarming. At first, I thought this personality trait related only to the fresh 21-year-olds but from my ethnographic observation, the age range seems to exceed 30-years-old... Continue Reading →

The Art of Chillin’

What does it mean to "chill"? There are many meanings behind the surface level vocabulary word. However, according to Urban Dictionary "chill" can be defined as: 1) to stop from doing something. Example: "Bruh, chill it's not that deep put the scissor down". 2) to hang out. Example: "Girl stop playing and come over to... Continue Reading →

Tu B’Av…………..A Love Holiday.

Valentine's Day isn't the only holiday that celebrates love. Tu B'Av, the 15th Day of Av, is a mysterious but ancient minor Jewish holiday that has been gaining more popularity in recent decades celebrated with giving red roses, dancing, and other lovey dovey things. Tu b’Av occurs on a full moon, as the Hebrew calendar is lunar. Linking the full moon... Continue Reading →

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