Death to The: FuckBoi

It's 2017.....are we not tired of these "fuckboi" characters yet? I am. I haven't been on the scene in quite some time, but the rapid increase of "fuckbois" is alarming. At first, I thought this personality trait related only to the fresh 21-year-olds but from my ethnographic observation, the age range seems to exceed 30-years-old... Continue Reading →

The Art of Chillin’

What does it mean to "chill"? There are many meanings behind the surface level vocabulary word. However, according to Urban Dictionary "chill" can be defined as: 1) to stop from doing something. Example: "Bruh, chill it's not that deep put the scissor down". 2) to hang out. Example: "Girl stop playing and come over to... Continue Reading →


Hello! Welcome to harMONious Music Monday. This segment will introduce melodies to make your chaotic Monday smooth and upbeat. This week we are going to sway from Rhythm and Blues and visit its cousin Hip Hop. With just about 84.5 million views on YouTube..........I'm sure, more than many have heard the hit Caroline, by Ethiopian/Eritrean Portland... Continue Reading →

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