Is it Safe for Men to Wear Weave?

Here recently there seems to be an influx of men wearing weave. The first time I witness this witchcraft was on YouTube while viewing All Def Digital (A comedy multimedia online platform founded by Russell Simmons).: At first I thought the "man piece" was for the occasional event. However, more and more everyday neighborhood guys... Continue Reading →

#HurtBae is now #HappyBae :)

Do you remember when the heartbreaking internet video #HurtBae went viral? If not here is a recap: A young lady by the name of Kourtney interviews her ex boyfriend of three years Leonardo. Her questions mostly surround his infidelity issues that caused harm to their relationship, and later led to a breakup. It is important... Continue Reading →

Wait, What Was He Thinking?

So I was browsing through, per usual, when a strange title caught my eye: "Mike Epps Brings Out A Kangaroo On Stage In Detroit!" I had to click it. What I witnessed was one of most hilarious but slightly disturbing videos I have seen in awhile. Not even 20 seconds in, I thought to... Continue Reading →

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