African-Americans and Online Financial Aid

Introduction As the Information Age develops the use of the Internet has far surpassed personal use. It is now a way to conduct business, a source of entertainment, as well as a critical learning tool when entering the academic sphere. College-bound high school junior and seniors use mobile apps, social media, email, and the Internet... Continue Reading →

The Official: “On the Ground, a Closer Look at Indianapolis” + SnapChat Footage

This is the official submission of my piece a Closer Look at Indianapolis for the "On the Ground" Association of Black Anthropologist series. This is my very first one and I am super excited! Link to Official Posting: You can check out SnapChat Footage Here:   OTG 4: A Closer Look at Indianapolis On the Ground... Continue Reading →

“On the Ground”: A Closer Look at Indianapolis  By Paris Ch. Walton Intro The #BlackLivesMatter movement became a powerful core in the mist of the Trayvon Martin v. Zimmerman trial in 2012. The acquitted suspect caused an up roar in nearly every home across the Nation. From there the popular hashtag has soared as a... Continue Reading →

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