#harMONiousMusicMondays : 2 Chainz “Land of the Freaks” *NEW**2018*

Whats up, Monday! It’s been a little while. I had a bomb trip a few Mondays back, to be exact. I experienced the laidback scenery of Denver, Colorado- but that’s another story.

This #harMONiousMusicMondays let’s talk about 2 Chainz’s newest Extended Play (EP) titled The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It, released February 8th, 2018. It contains only 4 tracks, but I’m sure one will find its way onto a local radio station soon.

Image result for The Play Don't Care Who Makes It

Overall, 2 Chainz is serving us classic Atlanta vibes with a steady knocking bass and a down to earth flow. We also see guest appearances from Offset & YG.

Thus far, Land of the Freaks has stood out the most to me. I did not know the name until I did research. What first captured my sensibilities was the musical production. The melody has an eerie nightmare aura with a thump that makes you want to hit the schmoney.

The beat goes hard! 2 Chainz even says he “hops on the beat” Check it out.



Songs like Land of the Freaks have a habit of making me yearn for the warmer days. I cannot wait to hear this driving around this summer. Hopefully with grilled lobster in my mouth.  The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It is a pretty cool name for an EP. It’s  similar to “teamwork makes the dream work”. When you play basketball if you score a point, your team scores a point. It is important to have unity in life.






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