The Art of Chillin’

What does it mean to “chill”?

There are many meanings behind the surface level vocabulary word. However, according to Urban Dictionary “chill” can be defined as:

1) to stop from doing something. Example: “Bruh, chill it’s not that deep put the scissor down”.

2) to hang out. Example: “Girl stop playing and come over to chill with a player”.

3)to be cold. Example: “It’s chilly outside put a jacket on”

and lastly, 4) to do nothing. Example: “I’m chillin alllllll Summer 2017”.

Today we will be discussing Rule 4. Now that the definition of chill is established, let us discuss how to properly perform such an art.

The First Rule is the most important rule. One cannot properly “chill” (do nothing) without taking care of responsibilities. It is difficult to have a clear mind and conscience (which are a necessity needed to properly chill) when your bills are piling up or with a filthy house. Therefore, just set time aside (about an hour or 2) and dedicate it to responsibilities. By taking a piece of time out of your day for chores allows more time to chill (do nothing). I like to believe the quicker the better.

The second step to a proper “chill” session is having good food. Have you ever tried to do nothing all day only for it to be ruined by an empty refrigerator and a growling stomach? It is the worse. Therefore, remember Rule 2 and keep a few snacks and a meal at hand.

Third: Find a comfortable spot on the bed or couch. Comfortability is must when attempting the art of doing nothing. Find a spot that encourages you to fall asleep or total comfort. Once this step is complete, you are on to the final stage

Fourth: The act of chillin’. The time has arrived for you to do absolutely nothing with your day. Relaxation time. If you follow the Rules and steps above you should be able to pass out comfortably on and off throughout your day without leaving your home. The last step is to find entertainment. This can be a Netflix Series, an art project, or even a great music playlist.

The art of chillin’ is about more than simply no doing anything. It also involves unwind your mind from all the daily worries and stresses. Those things have no room while chillin’. You deserve to clear your mind and chakra after so much adulting. Follow my rules will ya! Enjoy your Summer you BOSS!


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