Is it Safe for Men to Wear Weave?

Here recently there seems to be an influx of men wearing weave. The first time I witness this witchcraft was on YouTube while viewing All Def Digital (A comedy multimedia online platform founded by Russell Simmons).:

At first I thought the “man piece” was for the occasional event. However, more and more everyday neighborhood guys are investing in this service.

Wearing weave is now an equalizer for both genders. Men use it as a way to bring back youth to their hairline while women might use it to add length or to protect what they have.

My assumption is that, men can no longer judge women for their beautification habits. Men are starting to wear sew-ins in public lmbo so there is very limited space for them to have an opinion on how we live. Surprisingly, the man weave has even expanded into other ethnicities. Check out this stylist go to work on a Caucasian male:

I can’t imagine how I would feel if I were dating a guy and one of his tracks fell out.

I would 1) Roast Him 2)Laugh 3)Pick it up 4)Help with any embarrassment that may have occurred.

Nonetheless, I do not judge any man that partakes in lace fronts. I’m just asking for open-mindedness when reflecting on the judgment women have received for doing the same. If it boosts your confidence, allow women to feel the same.

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