Death to The: FuckBoi

It’s 2017…..are we not tired of these “fuckboi” characters yet? I am.

I haven’t been on the scene in quite some time, but the rapid increase of “fuckbois” is alarming. At first, I thought this personality trait related only to the fresh 21-year-olds but from my ethnographic observation, the age range seems to exceed 30-years-old in some cases. ‘

What is a “Fuckboi”?

  1. Cares more about social normality than individuality. They must fit in to feel protected.
  2. He attracts Fuck Girls ( Source: ).
  3. Usually too forward too soon.
  4. He is over-sensitive or over-emotional. You can never keep it real with a “fuckboi” because the truth is always hard.
  5. He carries the same identity as his friends. They all hold the same opinion.
  6. Wants to be known on the streets but can’t change a flat tire to save his life. Pet Peeve.
  7. He has a God complex, allowing him to believe he is the greatest.
  8. People look at you like your crazy, because ol dude is a notorious “fuckboi”. Leave it alone.
  9. Cannot keep his word or promise.
  10. He has nothing to offer but a Gucci belt and swag.
  11. He does not show you off in public, like ever. No one knows you exist. No one.
  12. Always crying broke but faithfully at the club. Has bills piling up.
  13. He is not affectionate with you but shows love to other women.
  14. Expects you to look like an Instagram model to match his insecurity.
  15. Perpetual cheater and liar. But what can you expect when someone does not know who they are.
  16. All Talk and No Show.

*Warning: “Fuckbois” come in all shapes and sizes. The ego does not discriminate.

*If you or someone you know hits 5 or more of the above list, I am sorry but you are a “fuckboi”.

*If you’re reading this and you’re mad….you’re a “fuckboi”. This is based from data and research.

Short Story:

Over the weekend my friend Maggie and I went to a local hangout spot. This guy was lurking and said an inappropriate comment (Check #3) and his way of apologizing was “you know how n**gas be”.

To make matters worse, later he proceeded to cock his arm back when I did not want to shake his hand(he wasn’t ready to meet his maker). “fuckboi”.

Why would I shake your hand? You’re acting as if being an indecent human is appropriate just because you believe it’s a trend?

It’s pitiful a full adult male was in his feelings enough to have a physical reaction. I am 5 feet, he was 6’4. Was my realness that hurtful, lol? I know he was probably kidding but still.

When I honestly encounter a “fuckboi” I see someone without a soul. A person who is afraid to be real and “good” in the philosophical sense. For a “fuckboi” to be a man is like asking a cow to be a goat, it cannot happen.

He would first have to understand the world is not a rap video full of half-naked models. Even if this were the case “fuckbois” have a lack of self-awareness. “Fuckbois” appear to have it when they really do not.

Everyone should have a piece of humbleness inside that knows how to live a modest life if needed.

The End.


I am running for the President of the Death to The Fuckbois 2017 Campaign. 

I am tired of seeing the people I love fall for these “fuckbois”. “Fucksbois” have slick tongues but shattered minds. They look the part but are never hired to play the role. The first step is to stop allowing men to believe bullshit like “you know how n**gas be” to be an acceptable apology or response. It is not ok.

Also, if you know your friend is developing feelings for a “fuckboi” give them a warning. She or he might not know and “fuckbois” are quite charming and persuasive. Spare their feelings even if they do not want to know.

Please Vote for me as I make all of our dreams come true. Death to The Fuckbois 2017!




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