Beauty is Her Name: Harnaam Kaur

I’ve always had an appreciation for the phrase “Beauty lies in the Eye of the Beholder” because it’s absolutely true. For Example: Have you ever drooled over a guy or girl that was totally repulsive to your fellow friend? And they repeatedly explained to you how your crush resembled a baboon’s derriere?

Though, in all seriousness, the meaning behind the idiom helps explain the diverse range within the human species. Beauty is subjective, meaning that not everyone will have the same taste in physical partners. Due to this, unique beauties are always hard for others to classify (not that they should be).

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it”- Confucius

Harnaam Kaur is the perfect example. Diagnosed with  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age. It is a condition that produces more male hormones (androgen) and has caused the Berkshire, England born young lady to grow facial hair since the age of 11.


I first discovered Miss Kaur while watching television or a Youtube clip. I can’t quite remember the title or origin, but I do remember her expressing her struggles and pain. Before accepting her true pulchritude she shaved and waxed her face multiples times a month and even daily at a point.

I can hardly stand the pain of getting my eyebrows threaded monthly. let alone feeling compelled to manage my entire face to satisfy the inner-self and society norms. However, time is the best teacher. With time comes patience and acceptance. There is a time in everyone’s life when they have to just respect their true self. It’s too hard faking your original form after a while.

Her story can be inspirational to all including me. I remember being a teenager (hell, even a young adult) and suffering from low self-esteem because my short, chubby frame did not comply to what others thought was beautiful. Even more importantly I did not conform to my own thoughts of good looks. However, once I learned to gain control of my eating habits and physicality, I would still nitpick my body and fill my head with negative thoughts about how I was not good enough. Though, like with any pain…..time heals all.

Essentially, I have learned that am I the Beholder of my body and my thoughts. Today, after 25 years of living I can say I accept myself. That does not mean I am always happy with what I see but for the most part, I love and appreciate my body for what it does for me. I love my arms because I can hug people I care about dearly. I love my flat chest because I can run easily without holding them down. I love my smile because it invokes when I am truly happy. It is not just about looks, you have to love the purpose of your body. Not everyone is lucky to have perfectly functioning limbs.

Beauty is not equivalent to your success in the world. So does it really matter? You can be the most handsome male in the world, but if you lack knowledge between your ears how far can you really get? Not very far. Better find yourself a sugar momma or daddy.

So once again shout out to Miss Harnaam Kaur for teaching us how to accept ourselves and finding our own unique beauty.

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