Happy Monday! How quickly it came. The weekend literally felt like 1 day of rest. Thankfully, Memorial Day Weekend allows for a well needed 4 day vacation. Can we say “Summer is Here!”. I just wish for travel and prosperity to all around me.


This week check out, Black SpiderMan by Maryland born lyricist Logic (Originally: Psychological).  Logic began his career by opening up for talents such as Pitbull, Redman, and Ludacris after dropping his an unofficial mixtape Psychological – Logic: The MixtapeLater, Young, Broke & Infamous was released as Logic’s official mixtape in 2010.

In 2013, Logic was apart of the infamous XXL “Top 10 Freshman Class List”. His career would gain much traction after the Young Frank Sinatra mixtape series. As an independent artist his viewership is consistent and forever growing (plus he is fine!-I like the awkward smart looking ones).

The visual of the music video represents what it would be like to live in a color-blind, all ethnicity loving nation. Imagine a world where a Caucasian person could feel so passionately about another ethnicity that they shouted a phrase similar to “I’m Black and Proud”!

Well, Logic did so and it honestly felt genuine. There have been times when I felt “Latino and Proud”, not having any of the heritage in my blood. But I felt it because I appreciate the uniqueness while also observing the similarities within my own culture.

Is that so wrong? Why not celebrate the beauty of another culture? Why be so inclusive that we continue the racial and cultural divide in America??




5 AM


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