I took my Math exams today and did not do well at all :/  We shall meet again this summer dear Math class.


*Update 02.11.2018: I passed math in Dec. 2017 and graduated.

Though it is still Monday. I’ve been doing some personal healing and as I’ve said in the past music always soothes the soul. Spiritual and personal growth is not a sad or morbid journey like most assume, it’s more like a cleanser for the mind.

I always seem to find the best-hidden treasures on days when I am in a mood (thank you math test) so please tell me what you think of the following tracks:

    berhana- Janet. berhana is an upcoming Ethiopian soul artist from Atlanta showcasing bird-like vocals with a calming sensation. 
    2 Chainz- It’s A Vibe 


Is there a song or artist you want to share with the world? If so, email me at parischwalton@gmail.com

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