#harMONiousMusicMondays : Dear Old Nicki <3

Good Monday Beautiful People! I enjoyed a wondrous/mellow Spring Break. Now it’s back to the grind. Please be sure to check out the content I dropped within the past week 🙂

This week I had to pay tribute to the old Nicki. Yes, I said the OLD Nicki Minaj. I’m talking when Nicki Minaj had barrrrrs. The whole Remy Ma diss track threw me off guard. The situation required me to travel back to the past and re-listen to what Nicki Minaj has been capable of.

Like most artist I believe the pressure of sales makes a person accommodate to the needs of the Record Label and not to self. For example, her clap-back track for Remy Ma, No Frauds could have went much harder. However, its aggressive enough for the radio, making it a hit. I’m not saying her track is horrible but I expected so much more. She waited how many days to drop it? However, she did get her point across in a very direct way.

Remy Ma’s main mistake was not copy writing her diss or saying “allegedly”. Due to this Nicki Minaj wins for knowing how to conduct business.

Without any further ado, check out Nicki Minaj’s verses on the single entitled “Warning”. This is the Old Nicki I’m talking about. She pays homage the classic Biggie Small’s hit by creating a storyline full of attitude.

Who the hell is this
Callin me at 12:47 in the night
While I’m watchin the fight
Lookin at the phone, there’s no name in site
Blocked ID, knew somthin just wasn’t right
It’s my girl Kandy from out in Miami
Tellin me that my man with some bitch in the Camry
Car seat in the back like he started a family
yo Kand stop playin
What the fuck is you sayin

Rememba them chicks from the bricks round 96′
That we seen when we hit the lick by the projects

Oh you mean Leah, Lil sister Maria
I use to go see her in front of the Pizzaria

I didn’t say them
They schooled me to some bitch that you know from back when
Some bitch named Kim
Light skinned, slim, use to rock a low brim
Followed them to the crib but the lights real dim
They hit me on the chirp warnin me, now I’m warnin you
What’s it gonna be Nicki, tell me what you wanna do

Damn imma have to send her to her maker,
Damn imma have to send her to her maker,
Damn imma have to send her to her maker
(Imma) Send her to her maker
(Imma) Send her to her maker

They heard about his good sexin
Long erection, nice complexion
Magnums for protection
They even heard about his tongue game
How the nigga give brain ain’t stop till the cum came
But that’s word to Hip Hop
I’ll pop the bitch top
Like a Corona

Call the coroner!!
Its gonna be a lot of black dresses & chest vestes
If i find out he got a next misses
What you think all the goons is for
2 by the door, a few more out in New York
And I feed em curry chicken
I’m all about my green, naw-mean
Got some fat bitches in the kitchen
I got a spot like ox
And we cook oxtails
Got a scale for whats in the mail
I got watever on my nigga bail
But if the nigga bail
I have him sleepin with some killer whales
Damn! Bitches wanna fuck with my man
On the other hand things ain’t always what you plan
It’s the ones up in ya prom pictures, salon with ya
Now they wanna creep in ya man Jeep
I bet you Nicki won’t sleep
Cuz imma put the heat to ya beak
You bird like tweet tweet
And watch her smoke like a cigarette
Shoulda left the bitch a pack of nicorette
Leave all them foul bitches wet
I give a fuck about you and bum crew
Mami I’m the truth, they salute when I come through
I’m not runnin
Bitch i bust my gun and –
Hold on, I hear somebody comin

*bang bang bang*
police open up!!

Oh shit
That bitch Kandy set me up

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