Fast Food is Not Food!

I was on WorldStar earlier and ran into a video that turned my stomach inside out. Not to my surprise it was about the quality of food being served in fast food cafes.

Link to Video:

I’m tired of hearing new stories about these disgusting fast food restaurants. I often wonder, “how is it possible for these companies to still be in business”? At this point in modern times everybody knows the meals being served are fake as hell, it causes about every side effect in the world under too much consumption, and they hold the worst horror stories about employees harming customers food. So why buy it?

I had to tell myself this for quite some time, I’m talking years. Until one day, just like this very moment, I turned on the news and a woman discovered a male’s ejaculation in her burger disguised as mayo. From that day on I was done! I love food way too much to deal with that kind of trauma.

I’m not saying cutting fast food out of your life is easy, but it is worth the try just for overall life improvement. But if you do:

  1. Your health will improve significantly. You only have one body, be good to it.
  2. We can finally stop supporting the food industry. Yes, it employs numerous of people. But fast food chains are notorious for slaughtering animals ruthlessly, while simultaneously being known for offering fake meat.
  3.  You can save financially. Let’s say you spend $15 dollars on two meals at a fast food joint. Does not sound like much money, right? However, if you were to take the same $15 and go to the grocery store….you can find fresher, healthier options that may calculate to about 4 meals.

So I ask again, why buy fast food? It is not food. It is just a money boomer causing harm towards people and animals. I know time is of the essence, but maybe chose a local restaurant that is struggling for carry-out. Or check out Pinterest or YouTube for quick meals.

Let’s live longer and healthier in 2017.


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