Hello! Welcome to harMONious Music Monday. This segment will introduce melodies to make your chaotic Monday smooth and upbeat.

This week we are going to sway from Rhythm and Blues and visit its cousin Hip Hop. With just about 84.5 million views on YouTube……….I’m sure, more than many have heard the hit Caroline, by Ethiopian/Eritrean Portland artist Aminé (uhmean-ay)(Full Name:Adam Amine Daniel). If not, turn on your local hip hop radio station and it’s bound to come within the next 30 minute rotation.

*Cool Fact: before becoming famous, Aminé began his career by making diss tracks against rival high schools.

Though Caroline is a spunky single, most artists true potential is highlighted once they prove to consistently produce hits of the same quality. That being ‘written’, check out Aminé’s new record, BaBa. Maybe next week we can do Gangster Rap. XoXoPW


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