Wait, What Was He Thinking?

So I was browsing through WorldStarHipHop.com, per usual, when a strange title caught my eye: “Mike Epps Brings Out A Kangaroo On Stage In Detroit!” I had to click it.

What I witnessed was one of most hilarious but slightly disturbing videos I have seen in awhile. Not even 20 seconds in, I thought to myself “What the Heck is going on? And Why?”, with a meek chuckle.

Link to Video Here:


The 1 minute and 26 second clip shows Mike Epps (Indianapolis born, Arsenal Tech grad) bringing a Kangaroo to his Detroit show. What makes the act uncomfortable to watch is the way the handler picked up the Kangaroo. Now, I do not live in Australia but I’m pretty sure no one would have the balls to pick up an animal with such physique and carry it like a baby.

The Kangaroo looked absolutely terrified. Mike Epps later spoke to TMZ and explained the situation. I do appreciate Mike taking responsibility for his actions and seeming genuinely regretful.

Apparently, the Kangaroo was suppose to dart across stage as a surprise for the crowd. However, the Kangaroo froze up from what I can only assume is fear. The poor thing was in Detroit for goodness sake, even the average Black person is scared to enter the city.

Link to Mike Epp’s Apology to TMZ Here:


What do you think of the situation? Was it just a mistake or was Mike totally wrong?



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