Stereotypes….You Gotta Love Them!


Ooh stereotypes…. how I love thee! Without them people would actually have to get to know me as a person and assume to know me based off my appearance. But all jokes aside, why do we stereotype each other? Don’t feel bad we all do it!

I believe the main reason stereotyping occurs is to put each other into categories, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It can helps us remember “Oh yea! The Asian guy in our calculus class that I cheat off of.” It also helps us feel like we belong to a certain group of people. For example, I like fried chicken and so do all other African-Americans so I belong to that group without question.

In the worst cases stereotyping can lead to being prejudice which can then become discrimination. The only way to avoid this is to constantly be aware of your thoughts while stereotyping and try to overcome them and not listen to them wholeheartedly

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