Marianismo…….The Ideal Woman?

Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary

Marianismo is a gender role associated with women  in Latin communities and is the counterpart to Machismo. Machismo “macho man” is suppose to be the provider, protector, and be a brave man. The origin of Marianismo comes from Virgin Mary, who is seen as the definition of true femininity. The ideal traits of  femininity are: modest, pure, faithful, submissive, motherly, eternally self-giving, etc. She is also devoted to her religion.Women are supposed to be the one who takes care of the house by cleaning, cooking, caring for kids, and serving the husband.

On I stumbled upon the Ten Commandments of Marianismo:

Don’t forget the place of the woman
Don’t give up your traditions
Don’t be an old maid, independent, or have your own opinions
Don’t put your needs first
Don’t wish anything but to be a house wife
Don’t forget sex is to make babies, not pleasure
Don’t be unhappy with your man, no matter what he does to your
Don’t ask for help
Don’t discuss your personal problems outside the house
Don’t change

Some of the commandments are inhumanly. How can anyone prevent themselves from being “unhappy” when that is a basic human emotion? How can a women not change? Wouldn’t she have to physically and emotionally from age to age in order to improve?

So is there a problem with Marianismo?

The idea of a perfect woman or man creates gender lines that may cost if they are crossed. Domestic violence against women is a huge problem with minimum laws to protect them. This is because mostly men work in Latin government. Machismo gives men the leeway to force women into submission sexually and restrict the freedom of any woman in his family. How are women expected to be pure with such negative acts towards them?



¿Qué es el marianismo?

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  1. they are inhumanly. I think that it’s ok to keep personal problems personal and there’s nothing wrong with tradition but the rest of that list is sick. sounds like the Taliban

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