Number 1?

Number 1?

I’ve heard it time and time again……anthropology is a useless major. Is this true? I doubt it! Sure it takes a passion to major in anthropology, but that does not make it useless. Besides, aren’t most degrees useless if a person does not work hard enough to put it towards their career of choice?

In October 2012 a MSN article “10 worst majors for your career” anthropology was listed as number 1. The unemployment rate was 6.9%. However, after doing more research on discovered that the average major has 6.63% unemployment rate. Industrial Design had a staggering unemployment rate of 25.0%, but was not mentioned in the MSN article. So why is anthropology considered the worse ?

I believe this is the result of simply not knowing…….not knowing what anthropology is. When many people think of anthropology they either have a puzzled look, want to go shopping, or think of Indiana Jones, but it is so much more. The purpose of anthropology is learn different aspects of humankind including physical, cultural, archaeological, and linguistically.

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What would the world be like without Anthropology? I, for one, believe the world would suck. There would be more racial issues than the over whelming amount there is already , we would not know the origin of how we began “us” (at least in a scientific sense), would humanity be a concern? Not as much.

At the end of the day no major is a bad major if you put it into action. Anthropology may be perceived as the number 1 worst major BUT it is number 1 in my heart! Cheesy.

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  1. I’m an anthropology major and I think you’re completely right…I can’t tell you how many questions I get from people who don’t truly understand what it is, or think that anthropologists study dinosaurs. Thanks for the post!

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