#harMONiousMusicMondays: Kevin Gates- By Any Means 2

Hey,  what's up it's Monday and I'm loving this fall weather. On my way to work I like to listen to my Kevin Gates radio station on Pandora. While doing so, I fell in love with his latest mixtape, By Any Means 2, dropped September 21, 2017. According to HipHopDx.com the Baton Rouge native was... Continue Reading →


Beauty is Her Name: Harnaam Kaur

I have always had an appreciation for the phrase "Beauty lies in the Eye of the Beholder", because it is absolutely true. For Example, have you ever drooled over a guy or girl that was totally repulsive to your fellow friend? And they repeatedly explained to you how your crush resembled a baboon's derriere? Though, in... Continue Reading →

Death to The: FuckBoi

It's 2017.....are we not tired of these "fuckboi" characters yet? I am. I have not been out on the scene in quite some time, but the rapid increase of this characteristic set is alarming. At first I thought it was just the young fresh 21 year olds but from my ethnographic observation the age range... Continue Reading →

The Art of Chillin’

What does it mean to "chill"? There are many meanings behind such a surface level vocabulary word. However, according to Urban Dictionary "chill" can be defined as 1) to stop from doing something. Example: "Bruh, chill it's not that deep put the scissor down". 2) to hang out. Example: "Girl stop playing and come over... Continue Reading →

A Snippet: Friedrich Nietzsche

During my last year at IUPUI I decided to pick up a minor in Philosophy because I was only about 4 course from fulfilling the minimum requirements, so why not? I was not prepared for the mind blowing theories that expanded my mind past my Indiana roots. It first started with Logic, a math alternative... Continue Reading →


Another Monday down, another day of global warming. I have not completed a harMONious Music Monday in a few weeks, but I have been exposed to new songs amongst multiple genres. #SideThought: Do you ever listen to Country Music? I can't help but love a few tunes here and there. And seriously people, are we... Continue Reading →

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