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Good Monday! I hope your day has been swell on this gloomy day. Does the weather ever determine your mood? Asking for a friend.

This Monday I will be highlighting Big K.R.I.T! The thirty year old Mississippi born artist is slowly becoming a Veteran in the game. Starting in 2010, Big K.R.I.T gained momentum by co-headlining for for stars like Wiz Khalifa.

In 2011 he was featured as one of XXL Magazine’s “Freshman Class” along with other up-comers such as Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, and Mac Millers just to name a few (what happened to those days?). After earning his spot in the “Freshman Class”, K.R.I.T continued making his voice heard by touring with multiple headlining acts.

Moving on, today I hope you are keen to the Big K.R.I.T single called Better This Way. I love this track because it tells the truth. These days no one knows what it means to be a leader. Everyone has to be a follow. The music world is the same way. We rarely hear a new unique sound produced. When we do get a sample of something the next artist mimics it.


Truth Be Told: Going Au Naturel

There is so much power behind going ” au naturel”. I encourage all African American women to try it at least once in their life. Even if you decide it is not for you, at least you know who you are underneath.  When we begin to understand who we are, it becomes difficult for others to steal our roots. The diversity natural hair allows an individual is apart of the beauty.


I remember when “natural” was a term foreign to many ears including myself. I had been so oversaturated by music videos and other imageries in the media. I thought the standards of beauty were those reflected. As a teenager I would come home to watch MTV’s TRL or BET’s 106 and Park on a daily basis. Groups such as Pretty Ricky would glare across the screen. Seeing beauty exotic women with hair down their back appeared to be the achievement. Check out Pretty Ricky’s “Your Body” for an example:


Pretty Ricky’s “Your Body” is not harmful in any sense. The women are shown appropriately dress (especially compared to the rap videos circulating at the time i.e. Tip Drill) and they act in a mild flirty manner oppose to the overly sexual trend that followed. I just simply thought those women were the definition of beauty. It did not shatter my self-esteem or anything of that nature, but I did want to conform. Conform due to lack of knowledge.

The Truth about conformity is that it’s easier to go with the crowd and become a wallflower. When you’re a wallflower you can watch other people live instead of living yourself. Conformity protects you from the opinion of viewers. If I look like the girl in the music video then I’ll fit in and have a chance at survival, right? Maybe.

For years and years people would tell me I had “good hair”. I was often told to stop getting perms, but I did not know of such a world. I thought I needed a perm in order to manage my wild mane.

Image may contain: one or more people
Relaxed Hair at Indiana State University

However, a movement was in the making. It first began when I overheard my college friend, Khajah, talking about going natural. She was a bold free-spirited hippie so I did not think much of it. I honestly did not know what it meant. However, when she started buying natural products like coconut oil it clicked for me. It made sense to put those type of products in my hair, they were from the Earth.

During the same time Tyra Banks aired an episode on her talk show called “Good Hair”. While watching the episode I realized how attached Black woman were to European standards. One in particular scene showed a mother giving her 4 year old daughter a relaxer. The little girl complained about the burning sensation. I could relate. The tingling feeling during a perm/relaxer is no joke. But if it burns you know it’s working. After watching that episode of Tyra I began pondering if I wanted to give up the creamy crack.

I gave it a shot. I knew I was not brave enough to do the Big Chop like Khaj but a change had to come.

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Khajah Johnson slaying after her “Big Chop”


Image may contain: one or more people and closeup
My transition cut 🙂


If you’re already natural, then you know transitioning can be a butt hole. During this phase finding a hairstyle can take time and talent. This is usually why most opt to braided hairstyles. They are quick, easy to maintain, and allow you to keep your sanity. I will credit the transition phase for teaching me how to do sew-ins. Being a broke college student I had no choice but to learn how to do lasting styles myself. YouTube was also becoming the newest teaching tool. Though, like others I soon found my natural hair did not blend well with my Indian weave.

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Natural Hair Not Blending with Weave

I knew eventually the day would come when I would have to say goodbye to my permed ends for length and say hello to healthy curls. Once I began this journey I never really considered relaxing my hair again. There was no point. My hair could look the same without a relaxer as it did with one. There was no need to put such a chemical on my body. In fact, there were several time when I would have side effects due to perming my hair. My hair would sometimes have a film on top of it. This film would prevent moisturizer or anything similar to penetrate my hair strands. I would sometimes have scabs left around the perimeter of my scalp from where the product had sat to long. But for some reason we, the Black community, believe that’s normal. It’s not. There are safer ways to put perms in (if you chose so ) that do not cause such scars.

Image may contain: 1 person
Natural Hair during Transition Phase
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Le Struggle of Transitioning

After about a 1 year and a 1/2, I decided the make the snips towards becoming all natural. It was too hard trying to find products that could work for my natural roots and my permed ends. Snip Snip Snip. I loved it!

Image may contain: one or more people and selfie
Snip Snip. Au Naturel.
No automatic alt text available.

I felt True to myself. It was not about fitting in anymore. It was about waking up and smelling what society is trying to serve you. This is not to say I was so spiritual aware the beginning of my journey, but I can definitely reflect and see how it led me where I am today. Back then I was just following what my spirit was telling me without understanding. Being a rebel.

Being “Au Naturel”

After you’re done transitioning the hard work begins. Because you are not experienced with a full head of natural it can feel difficult to “tame” your hair. A simple ponytail can take 30 minutes after combing and brushing over and over trying to laid the sides. Learning to work your natural hair is the challenge, but it teaches self-love and patience. During the transition phase your ends are still relaxed so the comb is able to get through the strands much easier. But with all natural hair, your roots and ends are the same texture. If you cannot get through the ends, then you for sure cannot comb through the roots.

The frustration of “getting to know your hair” is enough to make the best of us cry. I have cried during my early stages when my hair was too coarse to braid. It would literally cut my fingers (but people thought I had good hair) ( good hair is only what you make it) from being so dry and overwashed.

For some reason I thought washing my hair would help the management but it only made it worse. However, more and more women began highlighting their natural experiences and I learned about co-washing and conditioning. I started studying natural hair instead of experimenting with what might or might not work. From there my curls became hydrated and full. I was providing moisture instead of stripping it away. I started investing in products that supported my hair journey not just Garnier or other products that have no connection to natural hair.

From other women on campus I learned about two-strand twist, bantu knots, and other hairstyles that protect and promote your natural state.

Image may contain: 1 person
Twist Out.

I am not sure how long I’ve been natural at this point because it fits so well inside of me. I could not imagine being this age still getting perms. That ish burns! I would not imagine my hair not representing me. My curls are just as crazy as my personality. Wearing weaves did not match who I was on the inside. On the inside I am a free spirit who follows my own path, not a conformist.

There are days when I sit in the mirror wondering what miracle can I make happen to my head. I know I have options. Cute feed-in braids, a bun, a wash and go……..But I know my curls are a miracle within themselves and not to ever take them for granted. I might color my hair or chop it off, but never will I give up my roots.

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I Know You Desperate for Change Let The Pen Glide

J. Cole- Change. Video Release April 15th, 2017. Wole E Youtube.

My intuition is telling me there’ll be better days, yeah
My intuition is telling me there’ll be better days
I like this tone

[Verse 1]
Yeah, my intuition is telling me there’ll be better days
I sit in silence and find whenever I meditate
My fears alleviate, my tears evaporate
My faith don’t deviate, ideas don’t have a date

But see I’m growing and getting stronger with every breath
Bringing me closer to Heaven’s doors with every step
As we speak I’m at peace, no longer scared to die

Most niggas don’t believe in God and so they terrified
It’s either that or they be fearing they gon’ go to Hell
Asking the Father for forgiveness, got ’em overwhelmed (Please, God, I want to go to Heaven)

As if He’s spiteful like them white folks that control the jail
See I believe if God is real, He’d never judge a man
Because He knows us all and therefore He would understand
The ignorance that make a nigga take his brother life
The bitterness and pain that got him beating on his wife

I know you desperate for a change let the pen glide
But the only real change come from inside (Come from inside)
But the only real change come from inside (Come from inside)
But the only real change come from—
In cemeteries or in chains I see men cry

But the only real change come from inside (Come from inside)
But the only real change come from inside (Come from inside)
But the only real change come from—

[Verse 2]
Yeah, my chosen religion
Jesus piece frozen from sinnin’
Doin’ dirt, hoping to God, He know my intentions
To see a million ‘fore I see a casket

I got a baby on the way, know he gon’ be a bastard
I’m living fast like I’m in a drag race, how that cash taste
When I was a senior, I was ballin’ on my classmates
Niggas put three bullets in my car, one hit the gas tank
Know I got a angel cause I’m supposed to have a halo
Right now, my lifestyle destined for a federal facility
For my ability to make them birds fly

Fiends wanna get higher than a bird’s eye view
And who am I to tell a nigga what to do?
I just supply, it’s economics

My business ain’t got the suit and tie
Keep a pistol at all times, niggas want what’s mine
I can’t oblige, dog, I work too hard
So reach for it, get referred to God, I’m going hard, nigga

I know you desperate for a change let the pen glide
But the only real change come from inside
But the only real change come from inside
But the only real change come from—
In cemeteries or in chains I see men cry

But the only real change come from inside
But the only real change come from inside
But the only real change come from—

[Verse 3]
Yeah, prodigal son, got a new gun
This one don’t run out of ammo
Lately been working on my handles
Can I ball, become a star and remain my self?
If I fall, dust it off and regain my self
Fuck ’em all, they don’t know all the pain I felt

I’m in awe, after all the fame I felt, I evolved
I no longer bury demons, I be a vessel for the truth until I’m barely breathing, I’m singing

[Bridge: Ari Lennox & J. Cole]
Life is all about the evolution
I give up, I give in, I move back a little
I live up, I look up, now I’m back for more

You can dream but don’t neglect the execution
I give up, I give in, I move back a little
I live up, I look up, now I’m back for more

Time is short that’s what somebody told me
I give up, I give in, I move back a little
I live up, I look up, now I’m back for more

Too short to keep following your homies
I give up, I give in, I move back a little
I live up, I look up, now I’m back for more

I reminisce back to a time where niggas threw they hands
All of a sudden niggas pop a trunk and then we scram
Finger on trigger make a little nigga understand
What it’s like to finally be the motherfuckin’ man
Eyes wide that’s from the power that the coward feels

Niggas die over bitches, disrespect, and dollar bills
Bloodshed that turned the city to a battlefield

I call it poison, you call it real (pop, pop, pop, pop)
That’s how you feel?

[Verse 4]
Pistols be poppin’ and niggas drop in a heartbeat
Scattered like roaches, a body laid on the concrete
A body laid on the concrete
Look, somebody laid on the concrete
No time for that, ain’t no lookin’ back, cause I’m running too
I made it home, I woke up and turned on the morning news
Overcame with a feeling I can’t explain
Cause that was my nigga James that was slain, he was 22

(Last night at around…) He was 22
(22 year old black male, suspect, reporting live…)

(I swear to God bruh)
We’re gathered here today…
(I swear to God)
To mourn the life of James McMillan Jr
(I swear to God—nigga, I’mma kill them niggas man)
A tragedy, another tragedy in the black community
(I promise you bro…)
We got to do better, people
22 years old, this boy was too young
(I promise you bro, I’mma kill them niggas yo…)
Our condolences go to his family, our prayers
(I’mma kill them niggas myself…)
We know he’s in a better place
We know he’s in a better place
But this has got to end, ladies and gentleman
We’ve got to come together, this is—this is beyond words
Now I’d like to open this ceremony with a verse fro—


Protected: Truth Be Told: Unrequited Love

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Just Because :)


I’ve been thinkin’
‘Bout you for quite a while
You’re on my mind everyday and every night
My every thought is you, the things you do
Seems so satisfying to me,
I must confess it, girl

Ooh… and I like it
You send chills up my spine every time
I take a look at you
Ooh… and I like it
Girl, you’re blowin’
My mind with the things you say to me

I like the way you comb your hair
And I like those stylish clothes you wear
It’s just the little things you do
That show how much you really care

Like when I’m all alone with you
You know exactly what to do
You put that fire inside of me
And make it more than just a dream

Ooh… and I like it
You send chills up my spine every time
I take a look at you
Ooh… and I like it
Ooh… and I like it

let me run this by you just one more time
You’re on my mind every day and every night
My every thought is on you, the things you do
Seems so satisfying to me,
I must confess it, girl

Ooh… and I like it
You send chills up my spine every time
I take a look at you
Ooh… and I like it
Girl, you’re blowin’
my mind with the things you say to me

I like the way you comb your hair
And I like those stylish clothes you wear
It’s just the little things you do
That show how much you really care

Like when I’m all alone with you
You know exactly what to do
‘Cause you put that fire inside of me
And make it more than just a dream

I like it, I like it
I really, really like it
I’m for it, adore
So come let me enjoy it

I like it, I like it
I really, really like it
I’m for it, adore

Artist: DeBarge
Album: All This Love
Released: 1982
Genre: R&B/soul

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harMONious Music Mondays

Good Evening All (now Morning).

It’s been an emotional Monday for me. I hate not having alone time throughout the day to just cry and let it out. Whenever this is the case, I do find music to be a soother.

It is now Tuesday, but as I stated Monday was an emotional one. I cried then slept. This does not make me weak, it is empowering. But nonetheless, I wanted to switch up harMONious Music Mondays with something a little smoother and original.

Who better than Raphael Saadiq? The former Tony! Toni! Toné! singer fills the soul with love and harmony.

What happened to pure music?

The Mosuo Women: “The Kingdom of Women”.

Who runs the WORLD? GIRLS. If you did not know that already, then you are a sucker. Women create miracles and life everyday. Women are Divine, sent from the Heavens above to protect and nurture the world. We are able to think in multidimensional realms, which includes a spiritual awareness. Our intuition can led us to secrets within. So, why are there not more matriarchal societies.

The Mosuo women have broken the Western mold of patriarchy. The small ethic village can be found in Southwest China in the foot of the Himalayas, at Lugu Lake. Here women are given the utmost respect. The population of the village holds about 40,000 thousand citizens.

Originally, the matriarchal system was put into place to prevent the Noble class from being overthrown.  The Noble class feared that at such a small size unborn male children could overthrow them. But, nonetheless still a WIN for women.

A Map of “The Kingdom of Women”- PBS Frontline

If a man wants a woman he knows he cannot be with her until he can support an entire family. In “The Kingdom of Women”, it is a ladies prerogative if she wants to have relations with a male or not. If she wants him to lay in her bed at night, she can most certainly kick him out in the morning with no questions asked. She is free to date and mingle whom ever she wants with no judgement on the amount of partners that may be. However, though allowed Mosuo women rarely engage in sexual activity with more than one mate, but could date multiple persons at a time. Essentially, the women have sexual freedom if they wish. It is sometimes called, “Free Love”.

PBS Frontline Documentary:

The Mosuo society is not only unique worldwide, but also in its own country China. China as a whole does not appreciate the value of women. In fact, young girls are often abandoned because the norm is to value boys.  Arranged marriages are still a traditional method for most of China, but the Mosuo women are relieved by such an action.

Acknowledging the Mosuo women is necessary for other women and girls to witness. Unlike a patriarchal world, inheritance are passed down through the mother and not the father. Women are the head of the household, therefore it only make sense that lineage is through the mother and not the father.



a Mosuo Woman Taking Charge- ReturnofKings.com


When young girls turn 13 years old, they are inducted into adulthood with various ceremonies and celebrations. Once complete, the young girl is then able to seek a mate of her liking. These girls are taught to be proud of their femininity whereas the rest of China struggles to accept women’s existence.

I am not sure why it is difficult for the globe to understand the importance and respect women need and deserve. Even in America we have a hidden shadow that allows us to think Men rank over Women. How is this true? My fellow Men would not be alive without the mother, the womb.

The Review: Damn.

How do I feel about the new Kendrick Lamar album, Damn. ?

If I didn’t ride blade on curb, would you still (love me?)
If I minimize my net worth, would you still (love me?)

Keep it a hundred, I’d rather you trust me than to (love me)
Keep it a whole one hund’: don’t got you, I got nothin’

– Love

Don’t the lyrics just make you blush. My answer to those questions are, YES I would still love you. I am not shallow. But this isn’t about me.

In my opinion, there is no better song than one that makes you feel it on the inside.


I must admit I listened to Damn. about 5 times to discover my true feelings and reaction. Initially, I enjoyed specific singles individually such as: Loyalty ft. Rihanna,  Love ft. Zacari, and DNA. Though, I struggled to listened to Damn. completely from beginning to end.

“Love” especially captured my heart. The embodiment of the lyrics makes me yearn for a love I have not experienced yet. Perfect for Summer Romance 😉

I decided I had to open my mind to enjoy the entire worth of the album. To do so, I had a GENIUS idea! Why not listen to it while cleaning? So I did. Sadly, I still could not go through the album without skipping through songs. Though, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Tracks such as: Fear, GOD., and Feel do not capture my SOUL, but I can admire the production.

The production/quality of beats and instrumentals were superb! XXX ft. U2 made my heart come out of my chest. My inner band geek was completely fulfilled by the rhythmic patterns and spooky hollow background.

Check Out XXX ft. U2 Here:  https://open.spotify.com/track/4iYRa2btalAzPZoSYfROqF

Top Hits Prediction:

  1. Humble
  2. Love ft. Zacari
  3. Loyalty ft. Rihanna
  4. DNA


What are your thoughts on Damn.? Could it use some work or is it an instant hit? Take the poll below.


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What is your opinion of Kendrick Lamar’s Album, Damn.?

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It is a good album, but not his best.
Straight Garbage.
Instant Classic.

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“The Neighbors Think I’m Sellin Dope”: Footage of J. Cole’s Home Being Raided

I am a huge music head! That being said, it should be no surprise my obsession includes hours of searching and digging for the truth behind every lyric. This was no different when I first heard J. Cole’s single Neighbors from his 2016 album 4 Your Eyez Only.

After investigating, imagine my level of turnt upon discovering the heart of the lyrics:

I guess the neighbors think I’m sellin’ dope, sellin’ dope
Okay, the neighbors think I’m sellin’ dope, sellin’ dope
Sellin’ dope, sellin’ dope, sellin’ dope


Apparently, while producing music in North Carolina his neighbors became suspicious about the amount of traffic coming and going from the house. The next steps included the Law Enforcement being involve. As you listen to the lyrics you can visualize the story being told.

Well now you can actually view the real life footage of J. Cole getting his house raided below:

The footage was originally posted last night on ColeWorld’s YouTube channel, however it appears to have been deleted. Luckily, I found a copy of the images via Dedicated Outcasts YouTube channel.

harMONious Music Mondays

Hello, Good Monday.

inner thought: Sometimes I find myself in a music rabbit hole full of darkness and uncomfortableness. One of the creepiest feelings ever. However, that’s how the gems are found.


Sylvan LaCue took the words out of my mouth the moment he said “All I wanna do is be the best me”. I felt that. The lyrics are graceful and meaningful. The simplistic music video only contributes the entire package Sylvan LaCue has to offer. This Miami native is legit!

The moment I find songs like this I always feel so lucky. It’s like a surprise treat from the universe.


  • *Just dropped today.

@sabapivot @SylvanLacue